At the beginning of this year, more skaters are interested in, and know about all terrain skateboard, which is a big size wheel electric skateboard that unconstrained by terrain, and it also be called as off road wheel skateboard. For instance, more off road electric skateboards are show on market. There are some best performance all terrain skateboards I recommend.

BrandModelPriceTop SpeedRangePowerBattery
EvolveCarbon GTRUS$1,999.9922-26mph19miles1500W*214Ah Samsung
YecooGTUS$899.0025mph21miles1000W*215Ah Samsung
BackfireRanger X2US$1,199.0022mph19miles1200W*212S 50.4V Sanyo
YecooGTSUS$769.0025mph18miles1000W*210.5Ah Sanyo
EvolveBamboo GTXUS$1,429.9922-25mph18.5miles1500W*210Ah
BackfireRanger X1US$999.0022mph21miles900W*214Ah
RaldeyCarbon ATUS$1,099.9930mph19miles1500W*214Ah

1. Evolve Carbon GTR All Terrain Longboard

Evolve was born on Australia in 2008, and they designed the world’s first carbon fiber electric skateboard in 2013. In my mind, Evolve is the best off road skateboard but too expensive but it is a perfect off road skateboard.

The deck of Carbon GTR is highest grade Carbon Fibre material that is made by hand. The length is 39 inches. The 306mm/12inch width CNC super carve trucks with ceramic precision bearings. Wheels is 7″ pneumatic all terrain wheels. All of those material is developed and researched by themselves.


  • Beautiful shape — Pure black shows the unique character
  • Unique material — Carbon fiber has its advantage
  • Unique design — Put the motor outside


  • Too expensive
  • So heavy

2. Yecoo GT 2 in 1 Electric Skateboard

Yecoo GT is a 2-in-1 mode with street and all-terrain, which called Urban Off-Road, because it has 2 sets of wheel system: 6 inches honeycomb wheel and 83mm PU street wheels in resulted to conquer all kind of terrain.

The deck is made of 8 layers of Canadian maple with baking painting. The battery is 10S5P Samsung 30Q, and the capacity is 15Ah that can provided a strong power and long endurance.


  • A best budget all terrain skateboard
  • Unique AT tires — the airless wheels can be run on all terrain
  • Sensitive brake — comfortable and smooth when stop


  • a bit heavy — the weight is 23.8 lbs
  • Poor waterproof performance

3. Backfire Ranger X2 All Terrain Electric Skateboard

Backfire Ranger X2 is the newest off-road electric skateboard upgraded on Ranger X1 by Backfire. It still adopted hub motor driven as same as X1 but more powerful. The power of its motor up to 1200Watt of each. More, the battery is 12S high voltage and high efficiency electronic system with Sanyo battery cells. Thus, the acceleration of X2 is faster than X1. Besides, the wheels is thickening on the wheels of X1.


  • More Efficient Electronic System
  • Fully Water Resistant and Dust Proof Motors
  • 6.5 inches All Terrain Wheels with Replaceable Tires
  • Double Kingpin Truck with Great Carving Experience
  • Super Flexible Curved Deck


  • Charging time up to 5 hours
  • Top Speed is not fast than belt motor

4. Yecoo GTS (2-in-1) Electric Skateboard

Yecoo GTS electric skateboard is a completely new design that focuses on details while improving performance, provides strong power and high speed.

Yecoo always focuses on build a high performance and cost-effective all terrain electric skateboard. The range of it with 10.5Ah Samsung Battery up to 18 miles.


  • Using the best quality battery cells
  • Fully sealed structure for better waterproof performance


  • Extra light strip design
  • the weight is up to 19.62 lbs

5. Evolve Bamboo GTX All Terrain Longboard

The Evolve Bamboo GTX All Terrain offers more riding modes than ever before allowing all levels of rider to enjoy the product safely with the added ability to adjust your speed mode while riding to suit conditions and maximize efficiency. 


  • Smooth stepless acceleration from slow to top speed
  • Flex for maximum control at all speeds
  • High performance custom made sensored dual brush out-runner motors


  • Too expensive

6. Backfire Ranger X1 All Terrain Electric Skateboard

As an all-terrain electric skateboard, Ranger X1 has 6.5inch big wheels, however, to get great riding experience, bigger wheels alone is not enough. That’s why we give Ranger X1 airless rubber wheels, it has special honeycomb architecture, and it’s independently replaceable. Unlike traditional PU tires used on many skateboards, this special rubber tire has improved friction, it also absorbs shocking during riding.


  • Specially Designed Curved Deck
  • Larger Battery with 21miles Range
  • Less Complicated, More Reliable Hub Motors


  • Charging time up to 6 hours
  • Top Speed is not fast than belt motor

7. Raldey Carbon AT 2nd Generation

The Raldey Carbon AT is also an external motor electric skateboard, the power of its belt motor is 1500 watts of each. it has the ability to effortlessly launch riders up massive inclines and hit speeds up to 30mph with the 165mm wheel option.

The material of the deck is Japanese T700 carbon fiber, which is a lightweight and sleek setup for the electronics and battery enclosure. The battery is 10S4P with 14Ah Capacity battery. The powerful motor and the lightweight body made the max speed of Carbon AT up to 30mph.


  • The Carbon AT powers through it all with wide 10 inch trucks for stability
  • Lightweight and sleek setup for the electronics and battery enclosure.


  • Too loud