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Yecoo GT (2-in-1) Off-Road Electric Skateboard Review

In terms of electric skateboard, various skateboard and skateboard brands spring growth on the skateboard market. What followed was an increasingly competitive competition. Boost, Evolve, Meepo, Wowgo and many small brands on the market make the electric skateboard developed rapidly. All terrain skateboard, also off road wheel skateboard, maybe the most

Backfire G3 Started Shipping

Backfire will start shipping on September 10th, a new iteration of their successful G2t. The new G3 Plus has a higher price tag at $999.00, a $300 price bump from the G2t which is still available for $699. It looks like the increase in price is very justified as the

The First Annual Cannonball Race in San Francisco

Esk8 will host a rally in San Francisco. It is suitable for DIY electric skateboards, electric skateboards, electric scooters and electric single-wheel bicycles. There are actually two days of competition, the first day is the standard game, for those who want to move straight ahead, the next day is the


INTRO Meepo NLS introduces a premium fiberglass bamboo deck designed for electric skateboards that provides greater flexibility for the rider to reduce vibration and allow for higher speed engraving. Cast your mind back to May 2017 when the original Meepo board hit the scene. Now consider how far they’ve come